July 23, 2013

The "In The Way Guy" (13 pics)

A guy awkwardly got in the way of a marriage proposal photo at Disney World. The Internet quickly turned him into "In The Way Guy."

"Aw jeez, scuse me...just...sorry...pardon...trying to get to...the teacups...pardon me...comin through...nice ring there guy..."
This pic posted on Reddit might be the most awkward, least graceful image presently on the Internet. This guy should be turned into a logo for a company that makes fanny packs. Or cargo shorts. Or books that help single dads talk to their daughters about their periods. This guy is awkward.
Since his image has yet to be legally licensed for an appropriate product, the Internet didn't waste any time in turning him into a photoshop meme that everyone will remember forever and ever, or at least until lunch time. Please enjoy the many awkward encounters of In The Way Guy, AKA the Zelig of ruined Kodak moments.


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