June 6, 2013

Can You Make It Through This Post Without Your Brain Melting?

1. OK. Let’s get your brain warmed up with some ‘impossible objects’

This classic optical illusion is known as a Blivet. Just so you know.

2. The ‘Impossible Cube’.

3. This one’s a ‘motion illusion’. Feel dizzy yet?

4. How about now?

5. White lines, or grey spots?

6. Now. Consider that the horizontal lines in this picture are perfectly straight.

7. That this isn’t a spiral.

It’s just a series of concentric circles, know as a Fraser Spiral Illusion

8. And that the orange circles here are exactly the same size.

9. And if that wasn’t messed up enough, so are these two shapes.

10. Let’s step it up a level.

Count how many people there are in the drawing, then wait for it to split in half and count again. Confused?

11. Now, stare at the dot at the center of this black and white image.

12. Now. Can you find the hidden giraffe in this picture?

13. Feel OK? So which direction is she looking in then, left or right?

14. Now, consider this: the blue and green stripes in this picture are actually THE SAME FRICKIN’ COLOR.

15. Now try and figure this out.

16. OK it’s time to turn up the heat. Is this guy looking sideways, or straight ahead?

17. Still got it together? Good. Now stare at the cross in the center of this for a while.

18. Now it’s time to see Jesus. Stare at the four black dots for 30 seconds, then close your eyes and look at something bright.

19. This is a tricky one. Inside this sunset is a very famous movie star.

20. Stare at the black cross for a few seconds…

23. Is she spinning clockwise? You sure?

Look for a couple of minutes and she’ll change direction. Freaky.

25. Finally, follow the instructions in this video.

Look around you. Congratulations. Your mind is officially blown.

Source: Buzzfeed


  1. I didn't "get" #17 or the video. But these were pretty cool!!

    1. If you stare at the cross the faces get distorted. Like, elephant man distorted.

    2. If you keep your eyes center during the video, just looking at the letters, but relax, when you look away, your surroundings seem to pulse the same way as the images in the video for a couple seconds.

  2. Replies
    1. They add approximately 1/4 of a square to each square being dissected during the split. So that when you add the 4 bars you're actually replacing the one you took out, it's very subtle but watch the portions of the squares that are being split they don't really match up extra 'chocolate' is added.

  3. 15: When you take apart the chocolate bar and put the pieces back on a different way, you can keep one piece of it.... always :) :) what is impossible, I would cut/break chocolate bars all day :) :)
    17: when you watch the dot in the middle, the faces of the people become funny :) :)

    I can,t see anybody on 19 :( :(

    1. 19 I believe it to be Marilyn Monroe(:

    2. It is Marilyn Monroe. It's that famous picture of her wearing a black and white top.

  4. 19: Marilyn Monroe

  5. 19 is marilyn monroe right above the sun

  6. I don't get #12

    1. The word "giraffe" is written in the neck.

  7. The word giraffe in in the markings on the neck of the giraffe.

  8. Look at the Giraffe's neck

  9. i don't get 17 =/ what am i suposed to be looking at

    1. Well im not sure but when I stare at the cross in the middle only, don't let your eyes stray...the faces blend together and morph into like monster-esqe faces.

  10. #12, #17 & #18 didn't work for me.

  11. No 25 make me blind for a while

  12. can anyone PLEASE PLEASE explain to me how #10 works??? I cannot figure it out ^.^