June 26, 2013

Only At McDonald's (15 pics)


  1. these must be the same folks that shop at Walmart -

    1. Ahaha I was thinking the exact same thing!

    2. Some of them only have to go to one place because they've been putting McDonald's inside Wal-marts.

    3. Yeah why do you think McD's made that deal with Walmart? They were doing us a favor!

    4. I was about to post the same, but you beat me to the punch! LOL!

    5. all my thoughts are already posted here :-)

  2. My thought exactly, Debra!

  3. I've seen a wedding party at "Micky D's". The one in my neighborhood is where the old cheapskates gather in the mornings to swill coffee & bitch about everything. It's like a nursing home dining room.

  4. How do I give you one to add?

  5. Let's see, Mc-Employee bingo.
    I have personally seen, or helped:
    A lady and her husband whose main tranportaion is electronic wheelchair, despite not being handicapped.
    Right below that, I actually thought that was one of my regulars, Kieth.
    Guy with a the body pillow girlfiend, does a full sized duffel-bag count? He WAS treating it like a wife.
    so busy that inside line went all the way outside, check.
    Girl with a desktop? check.
    Making out with a Ronald stature? We took ours down for that very reason.
    Horse head? they bought an Ice-Cream Cone and stuck it to there forehead and claimed to be a unicorn...
    panties for headwear? check. (as a side note, I've also seen people where trashbags, paperbags, sack cloth, and sports bras for shirts.)
    Person inside trashcan? check.
    Wedding party? one of my good friends actually...
    Fake car? don't even get me started....

  6. I was also thinking the Walmart thing LMAO If anyone out there is still eating at McDonald's beware - last time I attempted to eat at McD's one of the burgers in my Big Mac had 2 bites out of it (thank God I checked to make sure they left out the onions, which they didn't)

  7. wow and to think the 3 yrs I've been at Mc D the only thing that's happen in my store,

    a giant sock monkey and kids dressed up as Cats for the musical production

    a kid streak'n the park'n lot

    some guy park'n his car in the rocky draining ditch,

    kids cone'n,

    and the guy in the hover round come'n through drive through every morning for breakfast.

    least it makes the day interesting. :D

  8. Was thinking college stuff too. During the rugby tournaments in my hometown recently i saw guys dressed in black garbage bag togas go into McDonalds. They had a toga party and a scavanger hunt. There were girls in sheet togas at the gas station looking for fruit and 1000 at night. It was crazy.

  9. number 4 is tim hortons.... :P

  10. I went into mc crrapys once in my Halloween costume.. dressed as a chainsaw murderer, all in blood, and a real looking but plastic chainsaw... it was awesome